Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) Equipment Handover Ceremony for Maldives

  • The UNODC Global Maritime Crime Programme handed over essential equipment to Maldives National Defense Force Coast Guard to strengthen operations to ensure maritime security and safety.

On 29 August, UNODC GMCP officially handed over equipment to the Maldives National Defence Force Coast Guard (MNDF(CG)) to strengthen its Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) capabilities in order to ensure maritime safety and security. The event was held in Villingi island, commonly referred to as Villimale', where the facilities of the Maldives Rescue Coordination Centre are located, currently also housing the MNDF(CG)'s operations centre. The equipment provided include 18 monitors, 9 workstations, 13 mice and keyboards, 4 USB-C docks, 4 laptops and 1 high-performance base station with antenna to improve communications arrangements. The ceremony was attended by the Minister of Defence, the Ambassador of Japan to Maldives, the Commandant of the MNDF(CG), the Head of Office of UNODC in Maldives and a representative of UNODC GMCP.

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