Thematic Analysis on Youth in the Maldives

Youth are the driving force in any country and empowering youth to reach their full potential must be the cornerstone of any development strategy. With nearly half of Maldivians under age 25, policymakers have the power today to make the transformational decisions that will allow the country and its youth to reap the demographic dividend – a historic opportunity not to be missed.

Drawing largely on the 2014 National Census on Population and Housing Census, the Thematic Analysis on Youth offers a sweeping portrait of youth in the Maldives. It sheds light on their demographic characteristics, health, wellbeing, education, skills and employment prospects.

The research and analysis offered here point to areas where, with the right investments, the Government and partners will be able to nurture and bring to maturity the nation’s human capital – that of Maldivian youth – for the 21st century. Improving human capital demands sound policies and investments in socioeconomic and good governance programmes. So while the Maldives has continued with high social spending (including for youth, health and education), it is now time to reassess the quality of current investments in order to address gaps and transform the country’s development landscape for the next generations.

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